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A consortium of EU members and organisations has secured funding to develop digital logbooks for buildings.

The openDBL project aims to create a digital logbook that will serve as a central platform to store and manage different types of information, including construction details, maintenance records, and operational data, such as air quality. The logbook will have open interfaces with various data sources, allowing remote access and real-time updates.

Eight EU member states are involved in the project: Estonia, Germany, Greece, Italy, Latvia, Poland, Romania and Spain. The project has secured €4.5m of EC funding.

Four test buildings have been chosen to test the project’s digital logbook:

  • a school, built in 1924, in the Italian town of Ruvo di Puglia. There is limited documentation available for the school;
  • the town hall (built in 1981 and renovated in 1999) and a kindergarten (built in 1950 and renovated in 2018) in Kifissia, north-east of Athens;
  • the town hall, built in 1974, in the Valencian community of Mislata. The smart quality control and data verification tool will be specifically tested in this building; and
  • building access specialist Dormakaba will test the logbook on the renovation of an unspecified hotel, looking at drawing actionable intelligence from data gathered from door locks.

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