Galliford Try selects Dalux BIM viewer

Galliford Try’s Technical Services team has selected a new BIM review tool provider, Dalux, for business-wide use.

Galliford Try chose Dalux for its accessibility and simplicity, including a fully mobile-enabled viewer that makes it “one of the best BIM-model viewing tools on the market”. This procurement follows the group’s BIM strategy and its commitment to making BIM more accessible and adding value to projects by keeping simplicity in mind.

The new Dalux tools will be rolled out on all new projects whether BIM is a specified client requirement or not, as part of a move by the business to improve the efficiency of projects, help aid design and construction management, and improve the quality and coordination of information that project teams and their suppliers share.

John Ford, BIM and digital lead for Galliford Try, said: “Successfully integrating BIM into everything we do at a project level is a vital part of Galliford Try’s digital strategy and ensuring that we remain fit for the future as a business and ready to embrace innovative ways of working.

“The roll-out of the Dalux platform is the next step in the BIM strategy that we have put into place. With our emphasis on creating the right policies and procedures and giving people the right training, this new software is the final piece of the puzzle.”

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