GeoSLAM offers free trials of 3D mobile mapping scanners

GeoSLAM, a specialist in 3D mobile mapping, has launched “demo in a box”, which it describes as a way to experience the benefits of SLAM technology while adhering to social distancing guidelines.

The device allows organisations to borrow one of GeoSLAM’s hand-held scanners – ZEB REVO, ZEB REVO RT, or ZEB Horizon – free of charge.

Once the SLAM (simultaneous localisation and mapping) product has been received, the recipient will have a virtual walk through of scanning for the first time, and then be able to get to grips with the technology first hand.

Grace Tupling, marketing director at GeoSLAM, said: “We know that trying a new product out for yourself can’t be replicated virtually, so we’re giving you the option to get to grips with handheld SLAM from the comfort of your own home.

“Even if you’d normally be working in different environments, trying out a GeoSLAM product in your home will let you see how rapid data capture and powerful software can benefit you. Trialling GeoSLAM now could make a huge difference when you can get back on site.” 

The offer is available for two-day trials in the US, Canada and Europe, with expansion to additional territories likely to follow in coming weeks.

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