Gleeds develops AI project performance forecasting tool

Gleeds is partnering with the University of Southampton and AI project management specialist Greyfly to develop a predictive analytics and machine learning tool that can accurately forecast project performance.

Known as the intelligent project prediction (IPP) tool, it is an extension of Greyfly’s maturity assessment tool, which considers why projects fail.

Gleeds is assisting with the creation of a body of evidence that backs the widespread application of data-driven project management. The initiative will provide Gleeds with valuable insights into its own project delivery maturity and user expectation.

“Digital transformation is high on Gleeds’ agenda and we are always looking for ways to utilise the latest technologies to the advantage of our clients,” said Dave Corbin, head of programme and project management for Gleeds in the UK.

“The hope is that, by using Greyfly’s IPP tool, our project managers will be able to diagnose potential risk across a portfolio and take corrective measures to increase the chance of project success from the outset, saving time and money. This is a really exciting scheme with huge potential, so we are delighted to be representing the built environment sector alongside the other partners.” 

Greyfly founder and CEO Lloyd Skinner added: “Projects of all types and across all sectors fail at an alarming rate, especially during these difficult times. By supporting us in this pilot scheme, Gleeds will be instrumental in helping us to realise our vision of increasing project success by applying AI to their management.”

The project is funded by Innovate UK.

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