HAKI offers BIM design tool free until July

HAKI is offering a free trial of its advanced design tool, HAKI BIM, until July. New users will be able to experience and benefit from the software at no cost during May and June.

The HAKI BIM plugin for Autodesk Revit has been specifically developed for scaffold designers and engineers to speed up the temporary access design process and accuracy for complex projects, ultimately reducing lead times for clients and risk of project delay in temporary works.

HAKI BIM simplifies design of 3D models, using HAKI’s range of products and components. The tool uses automation for timesaving, while ensuring depth and accuracy in design, resulting in solutions that are safe and fit for purpose to avoid issues later in construction.

Exact quantification, weights and basic loadings are also automatically generated by the HAKI BIM software. This enables planning of logistics and space requirements in the early stages of a project.

Alongside clear operational benefits, HAKI BIM offers superior quality presentations to customers by adding realistic rendering and sharing through Autodesk Viewer for live collaboration and exploration. Models also integrate with AR & VR tools, such as HAKI Playground, to give stakeholders the opportunity to explore solutions in real-life environments prior to build.

Mattias Kuduk, VDC and innovation manager at HAKI, commented: “For the temporary works industry, BIM is enabling internal and external design engineers to produce complex 3D scaffolding blueprints for simple structures. Unlike 2D CAD drawings, 3D modelling produces detailed designs in far less time and with more reliability.

“Designers can reap these benefits with the HAKI Design Tool and HAKI BIM. The former design tool enables designers to configure basic scaffolding designs on a cloud-based platform – Inventor iLogic and Configurator 360 from Autodesk – and the latter advances this configuration onto Revit for greater customisation and capability for more complex projects, enabling further interaction with the components within the 3D model.”

Engineers and designers can subscribe for their free trial here.

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