Hanson Contracting goes paperless with Causeway

Hanson Contracting has begun rolling out Causeway Ermeo to help manage its mobile workforce and to go paperless.

Hanson wanted to make life as easy as possible for its field teams and this meant finding a construction-specific tool that let them focus on their job instead of filling out paperwork.

Causeway Ermeo is built on mobile-first principles and allows companies to build and structure their own forms and field-based processes, accessed and managed via mobile apps. The system integrates with external data sources, which can be synchronised directly with the forms, bringing all key data into one place.

Causeway Ermeo has a ‘no code’ editing studio that allows Hanson to create customisable forms. When field workers open the digital document, they find the relevant information pre-populated. They cannot submit the form until all fields are complete.

Hanson Contracting has converted all paper forms into digital documents, but plans to go further. It plans to do this with timesheets, risk assessments, plant inspections, holiday requests, and other manual processes.

Chris Harrison, business manager, Hanson Contracting, said: “There is a lot of excitement from our business improvement team for Causeway Ermeo. We are always looking for any efficiencies and lean improvements to make in the business, and we see this solution as a key one. It’s also the back-end reporting. It is simple from the end user point of view, which is what we wanted. Basically, we can use it within the business itself to make us more agile and flexible.

“We want data and technology to be at the heart of everything that we do. It gives us better operational and commercial performance on site and also aligns us with our key customer’s vision for the future, such as National Highways Digital Roads strategy.”

Founded in 2015, Paris-based Ermeo was acquired by Causeway Technologies in April 2021.

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