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Women in BIM and the UK BIM Alliance are researching the specific roles and responsibilities involved in BIM.

Women in BIM said: “During the last 18 months, Women in BIM mentors and mentees have noticed disparities in the range of task and deliverables expected to be produced and their lack of alignment to specific job and project roles.

“Working with the UK BIM Alliance, we are keen to gather some data that will allow us to draw up a report outlining the key tasks for each job and each project role to help employers, employees and other project team members to understand what is expected of them and draw distinctions between job and project roles.”

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  1. Recipe for disaster!
    Roles are not important, defining granular project activities are and then assigning them to individuals.

    You cant go saying “maintaining MIDP is BIM managers role” as many would disagree and say “No, stop outsourcing roles, its been the design managers job the last 20 years”

    You risk seperating IM responsibilities from the project team by saying “No, these are part of these new label roles now”.

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