Have your say on the Net Zero Carbon Building Standard

net zero carbon standard - Abstract image of a 'green' building to illustrate net zero carbon standard story
Image: 42704812 © Zlikovec

There are just seven days left to have your say in the development of the UK Net Zero Carbon Building Standard.

The UK Net Zero Carbon Building Standard is being developed by a number of stakeholders from across the built environment, including the Chartered Institution of Building Services Engineers, the Royal Institute of British Architects, the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors and the UK Green Building Council.

The standard is science-based and will set out metrics by which net-zero carbon performance is evaluated, as well as performance targets, or limits, that need to be met. These may include energy use, upfront embodied carbon, and lifecycle embodied carbon. Other metrics – such as space heating/cooling demand and peak load – will also be considered. It will also cover carbon accounting, procuring renewable energy, and the treatment of residual emissions, including carbon offsetting.

The standard is intended to be used by anyone who wants to either fund, procure, design, or specify a net-zero carbon building and anyone wanting to demonstrate that their building is net-zero aligned with an industry-agreed standard.

The consultation runs until 31 August and is focused on the technical fundamentals behind the standard.

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