Hercules adds new strength to BIM

David Jellings will present the cloud-based solution at Digital Construction Week, Main Conference, 18-19 October at Excel, London.

Cloud-based content system ensures products are kept to original specifications.

A new cloud-based solution is being launched for the building information modelling (BIM) process, which will help ensure that original product specifications from clients and designers are used in the final building. Product substitution – often with cheaper but inferior alternatives – is a growing problem in the industry. 

The Hercules content management solution, developed by BIMobject, provides a unique means of building the desired attributes and geometry of a product for the BIM model – a so-called single source of truth –  that cannot be changed without the object “owner’s” agreement.

David Jellings, managing director of BIMobject UK, explained: “As BIM process spreads through the supply chain, manufacturers are increasingly developing ‘BIM objects’ and making them available to the industry. ‘Single source of truth’ means that there is only one repository for any object/data element – the ‘primary source’. Wherever this data is accessed from, the link is always back to this primary source.” 

In practice, “single source of truth” cannot be achieved using traditional file-based systems, which are difficult to control, rather like emails; it requires an easily accessible, secure environment, such as the BIMobject Cloud, which provides a unique link to the primary source and the ability to control its data, said Jellings. 

“The obvious benefit of this practice is that it maintains the consistency of data and prevents the creation of inconsistent duplicates,” he said. “This is particularly important for client bodies, engineers and contractors, who may not wish to specify a particular manufacturer early in the design phase, but will undoubtedly want to have control of the objects specification and ensure that it cannot be changed. 

Jellings said that the “requirement” objects have the same data requirements as their manufactured counterparts, though the geometry and rendering may be more basic. 

In September BIMobject announced a contract with the Ministry of Justice to support the ongoing development of the department’s content library using Hercules.

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