Hilti launches overhead drilling robot

Hilti in North America has launched an overhead drilling robot for M&E, plumbing and fit-out work.

Named Jaibot, it is cordless and can work for up to eight hours between charges and has a built-in dust removal system. The maximum height it can reach is 5 metres.

Jaibot takes its instructions straight from data that is uploaded to the Hilti cloud from Autocad or Revit; Jaibot then marks and drills holes within its range autonomously according to the digital drilling plan – the location, hole depth and diameter are defined by the drilling plan, culminating in fewer errors, greater accuracy and cleaner holes, Hilti claims.

Recharging takes four to six hours.

While overhead drilling is the Jaibot’s launch application, other tools may be fitted in the future, varying the applications. 

Three months ago Hilti launched a passive exoskeleton:

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