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A new code of practice is offering guidance for the built environment on using data effectively where technologies are used in the built and managed environment, says Paul Wilkinson.

Reliable information is the lifeblood of an organisation, essential for a wide range of decision-making.

In the context of building safety, for example, the Independent Review of Building Regulations and Fire Safety said: “The purpose of the digital record is to ensure that accurate building information is created, updated and accessible, at points throughout the building life cycle.”

The Government and Industry Interoperability Group (GIIG) works with the public and private sectors to improve their ability to exchange and use information, ensuring that the information is independent of the technologies used to deliver it. 

Poor interoperability

In 2022 the group conducted a survey into the effects of poor interoperability. One organisation reported an increase in staff turnover: frustration over the amount of time spent manipulating files was cited in exit interviews.

Another organisation estimated that it had spent approximately £1.24m over seven years on repeat surveys and reproducing information.

“Increasingly, clients are seeking to manage their information independent of the technology used to create it, but this is currently challenging to deliver.”

Paul Wilkinson, GIIG

Working with cross-industry stakeholders, the GIIG has drawn up Delivering Valuable Data, an interoperability code of practice for technologies in the built and managed environment.

This will help establish and promote good interoperability in the technologies used in planning, design, construction and asset management. The code may be used to demonstrate whether technology products support interoperability.

Working more effectively

Government is calling for the sector to deliver better whole-life outcomes. To do this, we need to work more effectively, to share information between supply chain partners and deliver it to asset owners in forms they can use throughout the lifecycle of their assets.

Increasingly, clients are seeking to manage their information independent of the technology used to create it, but this is currently challenging to deliver. The code of practice is tackling these challenges, setting some core principles and providing supporting technical recommendations to software providers and to the wider industry.

Delivering Valuable Data is being launched on Monday 17 April 2023 at the Institution of Civil Engineers. To find out more and sign up for this free event and networking launch visit here

Paul Wilkinson is chair, interoperability code of practice for technologies working group 

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