HS2 relaunches BIM upskilling platform for its supply chain

HS2 has relaunched its online BIM upskilling platform, providing free-to-access e-learning and resources to the mega-project’s supply chain.

There are 11 e-learning courses currently available, and they range from developing a BIM execution plan, via BIM documentation and roles and responsibilities, to understanding HS2’s information delivery cycle.

The website also includes a jargon buster.

Dr Sonia Zahiroddiny, head of digital engineering at HS2, said: "I’m happy that we have relaunched our digital engineering up-skilling platform. We launched it in 2016, but that was a minimum viable product at the time. It clarifies what our strategy and targets are, our implementation methods and what that means to contractors.

"The portal is an engaging and innovative learning platform that provides a wide range of free to access e-learning courses and resources on BIM and digital engineering at HS2. We will continue to update the site with more courses."

The platform can be found at:

Story for BIM+? Get in touch via email: [email protected]


  1. I think more time should be spent on better defining your information requirements. You can show them all the tools and theoretical 1192/19650 processes, but if you cant be absolutely clear what you want from the process, then upskilling on modelling wont help unless the focus is only on non-19650 processes which absolutely rely on hs2 requirements being clear

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