HydroBIM platform aids hydropower hub design

HydroHub improves efficiency of design and anaylsis by up to two times

A BIM platform for water conservancy and hydropower engineering in China has been shown to double efficiency of design and analysis, say researchers.

HydroBIM combines BIM technology with geographic information systems, computer-aided engineering, internet of things, artificial intelligence, and other technologies.

Research published in the Journal of Intelligent Construction, reveals that the HydroBIM platform has been used in more than 20 water conservancy and hydropower engineering projects in China, Laos, and Indonesia.

These projects include the Nuozhadu Dam, Huangdeng Dam, Hongshiyan barrier lake, Dianzhong Water Diversion Project, and the Kluet-1 hydropower project.

The researchers claim the HydroBIM platform has improved efficiency of design and analysis, in terms of time, by between 1.5 and 2 times.

“Overall, the HydroBIM platform represents a promising approach to the digital transformation of hydropower engineering and has significant potential for future development and application,” said Lei Yan from PowerChina Kunming Engineering Corporation.

The HydroBIM platform covers the lifecycle of water conservancy and hydropower engineering and facilitates integration of multi-dimensional BIM information throughout the entire engineering lifecycle.

The research has been funded by the National Key R&D Program of China Project, Yunnan Province Science and Technology Innovation Talent Program Project, and Yunnan Provincial Key R&D Program Project.

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