IBM calls for industry input to new data platform

IBM has called for the construction industry to support the development of its cloud-based data sharing platform, OpenBuilt.

OpenBuilt is designed to allow companies across the global built environment sector to securely connect current technology platforms and digital solutions to partners, suppliers or subcontractors in their supply chain via a single integration hub (

Chris Gage, co-founder at OpenBuilt, said: “We are nearing the beta release of OpenBuilt Products, our first application, [and] we want to engage early with the industry to ensure that we are helping people solve real pain points, with business models that encourage adoption. 

“While OpenBuilt Products will address a particular pain point suffered by manufacturers, this is just one pillar stone of OpenBuilt. The rest of the platform will be applicable across the entire industry, so we need to carefully prioritise where to focus. Your help is crucial in shaping OpenBuilt’s future. We respect the complexity of the industry and recognise that it’s only with a broad range of experience and your guidance that we will succeed.” 

The engagement programme allows for any level of input from filling out a five-minute survey to leading a work stream and sitting on an advisory committee to help steer the direction of the platform.

“We’re not sensitive. No idea or opinion is a bad one, both negative and positive feedback is welcomed, so long as you are constructive and respectful towards your fellow contributors,” said Gage.

Working alongside IBM on OpenBuilt are open source solution provider Red Hat and data-sharing platform provider Cobuilder.

Also involved in the development are: Cemex; global merchants and manufacturers body, EDIN Network; Norwegian contractor and developer Backe; Milton Keynes-based international contractor Sol Services; and testing and certification provider Element.

To get involved in OpenBuilt, visit:

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