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Say hello to Wendy, an AI assistant for the built environment. Developed by Aiforsite, the interactive assistant responds in real-time to text or voice on a smartphone, tablet or computer.

Wendy can manipulate a BIM model, get product information from the model, generate 2D images from it and link other data sources to it, according to Aiforsite.

The AI assistant can also verify and analyse changes in large amounts of files and their effects on various documents, such as tender documents, contracts.

Wendy can also present site monitoring, in the form of images, schedules, conditions in real-time. From these, it can compile reports and issue them and create alerts.

Finally, and crucially, Aiforsite claims Wendy “converses with the user in a relevant way regarding the built environment”. The AI assistant’s structured and organised knowledge base is linked to context, enabling Wendy AI to tailor its responses based on the specific situation and user needs.

Wendy’s AI algorithms – large language models, natural language processing, and deep learning – enable integration into project CDEs and industry standards through various API interfaces. 

The AI assistant can read and understand contracts and documents, from tender requests to subcontract agreements and make intelligent comparisons and risk analyses, Aiforsite claims. It can also link the matters mentioned in the documents to contractors, locations and tasks.

Wendy is also multi-lingual.

“Wendy is a significant step forward in construction project management. With it, we can offer our customers great value without changing working methods at the company and construction site,” said Aiforsite chief executive Kari Hirvijärvi.

“With Wendy, construction project management instantly becomes smoother, faster, and more cost-effective. We are proud to be able to present Wendy at Digital Construction Week.”

You can try out Wendy at Digital Construction Week.

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