Lighter exoskeleton launched

An exoskeleton designed to make it easier and safer for workers to perform heavy lifting and overhead work has been made lighter and more breathable with the launch of a new version.

Italian manufacturer Comau has launched the new Mate-XT version of its exoskeleton, with a slimmer, carbon fibre construction, improved regulation settings and a breathable design.

The firm claims that the upgrade on its Mate exoskeleton can be used indoors and outdoors, and is resistant to water, dust, UV-light, and temperature.

The device replicates the user’s physiological shoulder movements to provide upper body support without batteries or motors and offers eight different levels of assistance. 

Comau also claimed that it was the only commercially-available exoskeleton with Ergonomic Assessment Work-Sheet (EAWS) certification. Based on studies conducted at customers’ sites using the EAWS worksheet, Comau claimed the Mate-XT can help workers increase accuracy during overhead tasks by 27% and execution speed by 10%. It can also reduce cycle times by at least 5%.

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