Innovaré centralises offsite snagging with PlanRadar

Offsite contractor Innovaré Systems has turned to PlanRadar to centralise its snagging process.

As the majority of Innovaré’s operations take place in a factory setting, prior to onsite installation, it needed a software solution that could not only identify and log snags and defects during manufacturing, but also deliver the flexibility to collate data from several different sites during installation.

Previously adopting a multi-system approach, the Innovaré team had found crucial data was becoming scattered and difficult to consolidate into one central location, hindering the company’s ability to identify defects and repair them before parts left the factory.

Innovaré head of project delivery Alex Banks decided to trial PlanRadar software on active operations, using a project that had completed design and manufacturing stages and was about to begin onsite.

He said: “Consistency and standardisation is integral to what we do as a company, so we’re constantly looking at ways to improve our snagging and quality assurance measures. In the same way we test-run all of our machinery, we wanted to put PlanRadar to the test and under the same scrutiny.”

Working with Banks and the site manager on the project, PlanRadar helped to create custom snagging, defect management and quality assurance-related forms.

Following a successful five-month, PlanRadar was rolled roll-out to the wider business.

Banks added: “PlanRadar allows us to share information across all of our teams instantly, and when people have the information they need, they‘re empowered to make the right decisions.”

Innovaré has extended its use of the platform to help with deadline management, organisation of site diaries, reporting non-conformance to production, variation instructions, planning and pre-allocating tasks and health and safety management.

Matt Ryan, PlanRadar UK country manager, said: “The implementation of one single documentation platform has become essential to Innovaré business, delivering standard protocols for snagging, defect and record keeping. It has also been extremely impressive to see how they use PlanRadar creatively, getting the maximum potential out of the platform and being early adopters of each new feature we launch.”

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