Insulation robot awarded BBA certificate

A floor insulation robot has received BBA accreditation to work on UK construction sites.

The BBA Agrément Certificate covers Q-Bot’s suspended timber floor insulation service for domestic and non-domestic buildings.

The service is delivered using a robotic device called “SprayBot”, which can crawl under old homes and insulate the floor from below, a job which is generally impossible for a human being, as floor voids are typically just a one foot deep, says the firm.

South London-based Q-Bot said that far from destroying jobs “these robots create them, requiring two skilled operatives to control the robot and manage the installation”.

The SprayBot is not fully autonomous, since it needs to be controlled by an operator. It would be used during insulating procedures in hard-to-access underfloor spaces.

Q-Bot said it has developed a range of intelligent processes, “making the retrofit of existing homes cheaper, faster and less disruptive, while improving energy efficiency and the quality of construction work compared to the manual, labour-intensive alternatives”.

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