Clever tracking helps VolkerFitzpatrick save on fuel and carbon

VolkerFitzpatrick monitoring
Considerable energy and emissions savings were made at the Northamptonshire site

VolkerFitzpatrick has reduced fuel wastage by 34% at one of its sites after installing monitoring from Invisible Systems.

Some 550 litres of fuel and 1.26t in carbon emissions were saved each week at the site based at logistics and distribution base Magna Park in Corby, Northamptonshire.

Internet of Things (IoT) solution provider Invisible Systems supplied I-System monitoring that gathers data and insights on energy usage.

It also provided VolkerFitzpatrick with Eco Lync, an energy management system. This switches off non-essential assets when demand for energy spikes.

The two systems have now been made permanent, following a successful trial.

‘Invaluable’ insights

VolkerFitzpatrick sustainability engineer, Toby Harvell, said the insights provided were “empowering” and “invaluable” in identifying areas where improvements could be made.

A range of actions were taken to reduce fuel wastage. Monitoring, for example, found that more than 300 litres of fuel were being used over the weekend when no one was on site. Invisible Systems worked with partner Sunbelt Rentals to ensure power to heating and hot water was switched off during evenings and weekends.

Jamie Robertson, chief executive of Invisible Systems, said the partnership had made a “clear impact” on VolkerFitzpatrick’s bottom line, as well as supporting more sustainable ways of working.

Robertson added: “Both things of increasing importance to the industry, especially given the need to provide Scope 3 emission reporting to clients.”

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