Keltbray embraces Reactec wearable device to boost H&S

Keltbray is taking delivery of 500 of the devices (Image: Peter Devlin)
Keltbray is taking delivery of 500 wearable safety devices from Reactec to improve health and safety.

The R-Link watch helps manage hand arm vibration (HAV) exposure, dangerous proximity and near misses within exclusion zones, and provides real-time alerts to notify workers of unsafe situations.

This data is collected by the cloud-based Reactic Analytics and the intelligence used to reduce risk and create a safer work environment.

Over the next 12 months remote automatic upgrades will add a series of new functions to the device. These will include the ability to create geofenced areas, lone worker support, employee messaging, evacuation and mustering, and monitoring upper arm musculoskeletal disorders.

Data is collected and intelligence used to make safety changes (Image: Peter Devlin)

Keltbray operations director Paul Deacy said: “Given our purpose to redefine the way sustainable development is delivered, when Keltbray learned of the next generation of Reactec’s wearable we were impressed with the technology enhancements. 

“Initially we will replace 500 from our HAVwear fleet with the new R-Link wearable. Once everyone is familiar with the new device we will begin evaluating the functionality for proximity.”

Keltbray is not the only early adopter, as tool hire company Speedy has also signed up to introduce R-Link to its hire fleet.

Reactec chief executive Jacqui McLaughlin said: “Major clients such as Keltbray have used our unique combination of workplace wearables and cloud-based analytics to actively prevent health risks for their employees for some time and together we are confident that R-Link offers a major expansion on this concept.

“Once again, we are pleased to be working with Speedy to ensure the watch is the preferred model available for hire.”

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