Las Vegas to become second digital twin city

Downtown Las Vegas welcome sign at the strip (Image: Shutterstock)

A digital twin, IoT and advanced 5G technologies are set to improve mobility, air quality, noise pollution, water management, and emissions across an area in Las Vegas.

The project will incorporate a “significant area” of downtown Las Vegas and will be first revealed at the annual CES (Consumer Electronics Show) in Las Vegas (January 5-8 2022).

Cityzenith is providing the digital twin tech, as part of its Clean Cities – Clean Future initiative. Las Vegas is only the second city to participate, following New York, with Phoenix and several other cities expected to follow soon. 

High volumes of sensor information are needed by urban digital twins. Tech company Terbine will bring together and contextualise IoT data from local government agencies, building operators, transportation systems, vehicle manufacturers and more.

Michael Sherwood, chief innovation officer for the City of Las Vegas, said: “This will give us new levels of insights and control to benefit city planners, residents, and businesses. We’re setting the benchmark for cities around the world to become smarter, efficient, safer and more sustainable.” 

Cityzenith CEO Michael Jansen said one of the company’s goals was to show how the digital twin can help local building owners “dramatically reduce operating costs and emissions for little to no investment”. 

Terbine founder and CEO David Knight added: “Transitioning our home city into a clean, sustainable, and more attractive place to live and visit is a fantastic opportunity.”

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