Latest Elecosoft update supports 4D BIM

Software provider Elecosoft has launched a new version of its construction project management solution, Asta Powerproject, aimed at supporting the growing need for 4D BIM for project planners.

The company claims that the new functionality provided in this release – version 14.0.03 – will also make it easier for planners to interact between 3D models and project plans, and to produce more compelling video output and presentations, to improve communication across all involved within a project.

For example, with the integrated BIM module in the latest version, users can combine 3D BIM models with the project activity scheduling data in a seamless application to deliver a 4D time sequence. Used in conjunction with Bidcon, Elecosoft’s cost estimation solution, this version of Asta Powerproject also delivers 5D project planning that enables users to plan and track BIM project costings.

New features in this release also include the ability to:

  • Add site objects, such as cranes or site cabins, to the model display for an enhanced visual representation of how a site will appear at various stages of a project.
  • Click and drag on model objects for manual splitting for precise definition of where to split them.
  • Display a moving dropline across the bar chart during timeline simulation.

Jason Ruddle, managing director of Elecosoft, commented: “Feedback from our customers always drives our product development. With the increasing use of BIM, maintaining a clear integrated view of project programmes with as-built progress is becoming essential.

“In the next few years digital construction will become the norm, not the exception and our tools will play a role in helping users maximise the opportunities it brings not just for project efficiency, but business success.”

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