Level of information need standard out for consultation

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The ISO standard for the level of information need part 1 is now out for consultation. Interested parties have until 20 December to give their feedback to the British Standards Institute (BSI).

ISO 7817 Building information modelling – Level of information need – Part 1 Concepts and principles specifies concepts and principles to establish a methodology for specifying level of information need and information deliveries in a consistent way when using BIM, according to the BSI.

It specifies the characteristics of different levels used for defining the detail and extent of information required to be exchanged and delivered throughout the life cycle of built assets. It gives guidelines for principles required to specify information needs.

The concepts and principles can be applied for a general information exchange and, while in progress, for a generally agreed way of information exchange between parties in a collaborative work process, as well as for an appointment with specified information delivery.

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  1. Working on a project, that is project managed by an organisation that has one of the original LOIN standard authors involved, its obvious that this standard like its original CEN one has very little practitioner input.
    When we raised a number of questions around confusion of this standard being applied, hoping that this contributory author would be able to resolve the confusion around this standard, all we got in response was that we should not be using the acronym LOIN. This seemed more important than trying to resolve the confusion around the application of this standard`s predecessor which is another indicator why we need more practical input. 9 Months on after the application of this standard on the project, and we are more confused about what we need to deliver than the BIM projects I have supported that haven’t used it.
    So I would ask, how to resolve the issue that more and more standards seem to be based on theory rather than practice which surely has to be wrong?

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