Limited edition book celebrates Art of Building photography

A stunning collection of photographs submitted to the CIOB’s annual Art of Building competition has been collated into a new book, which is available to order prior to publication in September.

The Art of Building 2019 is a must for anyone who is passionate about the built world and how humanity and nature interact with it

Limited to just 200 individually-numbered copies, the book features nearly 100 photographs, drawn not only from successful competition finalists, but also from entrants whose work nonetheless merits attention.

The images, both colour and monochrome, feature the built environment in nearly 40 countries, highlighting not only contemporary construction and architecture, but also abandoned buildings and historic sites, the commercial and the divine. From labourers on scaffolding in India passing materials to each other, to mirrored surfaces creating reflections of buildings folding in on themselves, this selection invites the viewer to reflect on what they see.

Each spread, printed on high-grade, gloss Garda paper from Italy, reveals two photographs, juxtaposed either sympathetically or in contrast: some celebrate the built world, others challenge its impact.

This limited edition is published on 30 September 2019: to avoid disappointment, reserve your copy today.

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