London’s electricity cables and gas pipelines digitally mapped

Underground electricity cables and gas pipelines in London have been mapped to improve safety and efficiency on construction sites.

The data has been gathered by energy network owner Energy Assets Networks (EAN) and includes pipe and cable size, material, location, route and connections, displayed on a clickable map.

EAN’s work, digitally mapping its utility assets in London, is one of a number of projects around the country. Data from all these projects will feed into the National Underground Asset Register (NUAR) – a vast digital resource for highway authorities, utility companies and contractors.

EAN has been funded for the work by the government’s Geospatial Commission, in partnership with the Greater London Authority (GLA).

Energy Assets Networks network manager, Andrew Collin, said: “The information we’ve vectorised and which will soon be uploaded to the live NUAR platform pinpoints the depth and position of our cable and pipe assets across London within an accuracy of a few centimetres.

“This rich data will enhance the technical support we can provide to customers for planned developments, while at the same time reducing the risk of accidental – and potentially dangerous – electricity and gas ‘strikes’ by operatives during site works.”

Collin added that the process provided a “valuable learning experience” and can share its new skills and expertise with others, including the working groups as part of the national digital mapping project.

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