Meet Tertill, the robot that does your weeding

A US firm has developed a robot that autonomously does weeding in the garden.

The robot roams the garden and uses sensors to detect weeds sprouting from the soil, which it then cuts down using a small string trimmer.

The robot, called Tertill, is solar powered and waterproof, so can be left outside in the rain and does not need to be plugged in to charge.

As well as the ability to pair with smartphones through Bluetooth, the Tertill also has a USB port for charging during cloudy weeks. 

The Tertill’s sensors target small plants, so gardeners must fit their young saplings with special collars to stop the robot from chopping them down.

It was created by Franklin Robotics, a company based in Lowell, Massachusetts.

“Once the battery is charged, Tertill starts patrolling for weeds,” Franklin Robotics writes on its website.

“Sensors cause it to turn away from plants and detect when it has run into an obstacle.”

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