Mobile-enabled data capture software trialled in construction

A digital evidence collection and issue tracking app that found its feet on infrastructure projects is making the transition into construction BIM thanks to a strategic partnership with 3D Repo.

EviFile enables field-based operatives to record ongoing and completed work using a tablet or smartphone fitted with a camera and GPS.

The cloud-based tool is able to capture all relevant processes, checks, inspection test plan forms, video and other digital evidence as a project progresses. This can then be pulled together to create a digital evidence pack at handover to prove to the client that all relevant assurance and processes were adhered to.

The partnership with 3D Repo facilitates a real-time connection between eviFile data and BIM models hosted on 3D Repo’s cloud platform. Data collected in the field is instantaneously pushed into the models for observation and analysis by designers and engineers. 3D Repo provides revision control, issues management and BIM data analysis for clients.

Luke Allen, managing director of eviFile, told BIM+: “We are taking a step towards Level 3 BIM by connecting what’s happening on site to the model in real-time, rather than having a static model sat in the architect’s office gathering dust. It means designers and engineers get full visibility and all issues are flagged immediately so they can make adjustments to reduce costs, improve quality and more.”

The jointly-developed solution was piloted on a groundworks project being carried out by civil engineering firm John F Hunt at the Sugar House Island development in London (pictured).

The contractor wanted an “amalgamated BIM solution” that combined a 3D mock-up of the project, created in Revit, and the ability to convey data in the model to site as well as capture real-time feedback from site and display it in the model.

“We had to ask ourselves, how do we take a BIM model and make it accessible? How do we get the most value out of that model? And how do we communicate it with the guys on site and make sure there is a two-way process for feedback and issue management, so all the ITP, and quality assurance data could be fed back into 3D Repo,” says Allen.

According to Allen, a big plus point on the project was the software’s ability to deploy new checks and change the evidence collection process in real time according to requirements.

EviFile launched around three years ago on the Great Western electrification project run by Balfour Beatty for Network Rail. It was used on the West Cumbrian pipeline project for United Utilities and is currently being deployed at Drax Power Station in Selby.

Development work on the solution is currently focused on improving connectivity and data flow between the two platforms by exploiting things such as the BIM collaboration format. “Although the adoption curve of BIM is challenging we are seeing it grow and that’s the place we want to be positioned. We’ll be targeting the BIM market with 3D Repo because that’s our ideal gateway to get information into the BIM world,” Allen concludes.

Image: Dane’s Yard CGI at Sugar House Island development in London (

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