Mobile mapping: have your say

NavVis and BIM+ are drafting a state of the nation report on mobile mapping and need the industry’s input.

NavVis has partnered with BIM+, Geo Week News, Lidar News and GIM International to conduct an international survey to gather concrete evidence about mobile mapping.

The State of Mobile Mapping 2021 survey will address some key questions, including: How does mobile mapping impact your business? Which markets and regions are growing the fastest? Who is leading this change? 

“The laser scanning and surveying industries are undergoing a seismic shift. Mobile mapping technology has radically changed the way we work, reinventing workflows and generating whole new categories of deliverable. Today it’s possible to document the built environment with a speed and versatility hitherto unseen – with no depreciation in the accuracy or quality of the results,” said Felix Reinshagen, NavVis CEO and co-founder.

“Mobile mapping is driving significant change in the laser scanning and surveying industries,” he added. “We are working with partners to collect data about this impact from an industry perspective. With this report, NavVis will bring these changes to light.”

Take part in the survey now. The deadline is 10 September. The report is due to be published less than a month later.

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