Modular housebuilder creates speedy-build app for customers

Modular housebuilder Built & Spaces has created its own software that it claims can accelerate the housebuilding process to just 10 weeks from start to completion.

The Build My Home software lets customers assemble their new home room-by-room on a computer, adding different modules to meet their needs for kitchens, bedrooms, bathrooms and other living areas. 

Modern methods of construction (MMC) firm Built & Spaces claims its component-led system allows unparalleled customisation in the design stages, and minimises waste during manufacture and construction.

Built & Spaces allots one week for the design process, but for one time-sensitive project the firm’s staff were able to complete the blueprint for a four-bedroom house within 24 hours.

Manufacture of the panels for the project is carried over eight weeks before being quality checked by Built & Spaces staff.

Foundations are laid over two days, before the frame and panels are assembled on-site within a week.

The Build My Home software creates an inventory of all parts required for the build, meaning that customers’ quotes reflect exactly what elements are used.

Built & Spaces claims to estimate labour costs extremely accurately as on-site construction is not affected by weather and other delays, as other building methods can be. Both of these factors mean that quotes are accurate and not subject to guesswork or inflated mark-ups of traditional builders.

Built & Spaces is working on a web-based version of the Build My Home software that will allow customers to design their house from their own living room.

Steve Wilkie, director of Built & Spaces, commented: “Everything we do is based on making the process of creating your own house easier and quicker. Our app lets customers create their home room-by-room, adding the spaces and features that are most important to them.

“Customers can be standing inside their constructed house just 10 weeks later thanks to our unique component-led system that lets our staff assemble the home by hand on site.

“I don’t believe that any other modular housing company can build a customer’s house so quickly, while offering such a personalised design. Nobody else is pricing houses this way. We are literally counting the nuts and bolts needed for the project, and removing the guesswork to provide an accurate quote for the customer.”

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