Morrison Water Services to manage roadworks with cloud system

Morrison Water Services is using cloud software to better manage road works, reduce the risk of rework, and strengthen its relationships with highways authorities.

Whereas previously it would have taken a week to develop a traffic management plan, using the new cloud software from traffic management technology specialist means this now takes just 12 minutes.

The cloud-based traffic management platform is currently being used by Morrison Water Services’ repair and maintenance planning teams on behalf of Yorkshire Water. has developed new traffic management software that provides a ‘virtual survey’ view of operational sites advertises the software as a means of planning, managing and communicating fast, accurate information on streetworks.

Providing a ‘virtual survey’ view of operational sites, the platform shows risk factors and acts as a central repository of traffic management plans that can be accessed ‘on the ground’ and out-of-hours.

Morrison Water Services said the platform’s ‘works planning’ and ‘traffic management’ modules are delivering “significant” service delivery, efficiency and customer benefits, with improved mapping intelligence and a ‘virtual’ approach to work planning that reduces the risk of rework and potential customer disruption.

Morrison Water Services head of streetworks, noticing and permitting, for the Yorkshire Water contract, Andrew Bailey said: “By enabling our teams to communicate works more efficiently and clearly, this innovation is further strengthening our relationships with highways authorities and other key stakeholders.”

He added: “Our initial aim for the Yorkshire Water contract was to deliver thirty to forty per cent of our traffic management plans via the platform within the first 12 months, but the success of the project has meant that we are now delivering approximately eighty per cent.”

Morrison Water Services has been working with since 2008, in partnership with Yorkshire Water, to create a bespoke works planning solution to rapidly risk-assess work sites earlier in the planning process. business development manager Matt Bright said: “Further development of this platform will include’s newest module, ‘traffic replay’, that will allow teams to view historical traffic data and flow patterns anywhere on the network to enable more intelligent planning and improved traffic management planning decisions.”

Top image: Dreamstime/Viorel Dudau

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