Mott MacDonald makes land management digital

Mott MacDonald has launched Moata Land Management, software designed to enhance the management of surveys, stakeholder relationships and land access on infrastructure projects. 

Developed in response to the disparate processes and sources that can undermine stakeholder engagement and intelligence, Moata Land Management acts as a single source of truth, helping clients to improve their land referencing, customer relationships, survey management and land access.

It allows data to be visualised through both geographic information system (GIS) or tabular views.

Its functionality includes:

  • immediate access to land information with integrated geospatial functionality;
  • facilitation of the entire survey management process, from initial scheduling and assigning a surveyor, to confirming completion and capturing results;
  • arrangement of access to land parcels via automatically generated access request letters;
  • technology that allows all team members to view, add and edit live data in a shared environment, meeting the industry standard requirement of diligent inquiry via desktop referencing, land interest questionnaires and site visits; and
  • the capture of all land referencing data in a transparent audit trail, enabling users to understand the story of a piece of land, from initial title capture, through landowner contact and consultation, to the final acquisition of the land.

It is currently in use on major projects, including HS2 where the successful production and serving of high volumes of statutory notices has "drastically accelerated programme completion and reduced risks to future stages of the project," according to Mott MacDonald.

Mott MacDonald claimed Moata Land Management generates up to 80% saving of overhead costs associated with land interest questionnaires, automated production including GIS plans, and improved site visit planning and prioritisation capabilities. It can reduce "by 30% the cost associated with land management, and increase accuracy of surveys by up to 50%".

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