Multi-function construction robot launched

A multi-function construction robot has been launched by Austrian start-up, Printstones.

The Baubot, as the robot is named, is the result of more than 100 pilot projects and is intended to be able to use practically any tool on site, with third parties developing their products and applications to interface with the robot.

In the launch video (see below), the Baubot is demonstrated in a variety of applications, including handling and transport of building materials, site monitoring, screw driving, plasma cutting and drilling. 

The electrically-powered, tracked robot can climb stairs and drive through doorways. The vehicle has a maximum speed of 3.2kmh with a maximum payload of 500kg. The robotic arm is claimed to be accurate to within 1mm.

Depending on the application, the Baubot can operate for eight hours. It can be used in manual or pre-programmed mode.

Among partners in the development of Baubot is Autodesk.

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