My Digital Life: May Winfield, Buro Happold

Welcome to the second instalment of our new series, My Digital Life. This week May Winfield, head of commercial and legal – cities and digital at Buro Happold, talks about the industry’s need to change its mindset and de-stressing by flying a drone around her home.

What new built environment digital innovation you’ve seen recently really excites you?

BHoM – – is an example of a truly open source tool that overcomes interoperability and encourages collaboration.

What single thing would help accelerate construction’s digital adoption?

Our industry is still quite change- and risk-adverse, so it would be adopting the right mindset: the benefits of technology and digitisation can only be fully realised if we fully embrace this new way of working and collaborating.  

Who do you follow on social media about BIM and digital construction and why?

@DRossiter87 – I learn so much from his wealth of knowledge and… pedantry about language.

What was the last app you downloaded and why?

Clubhouse: at first I thought “not another social media app to keep track of,” but actually I’ve been loving the vibrant discussions on digitisation. 

What’s the tech bane of your life?

My headset: it feels like old tech, and throws a tantrum at the most inconvenient times. 

Mac or PC/iOS or Android?

My tech use has a split personality: PC for work, but my home world is pretty much all Apple.

Do you have any smart home features or other digital gadgets?

Most of the rooms are already full of gadgets; I think we have actually run out of kitchen gadgets to buy. My latest purchase is a tiny drone to fly around the flat: it’s a great de-stressing exercise.

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  1. I don’t agree that the industry is risk averse. Contractors assume more risk than is reasonable given the low returns. The industry is certainly change averse and change should reduce risk by providing more certainty in outcomes. Risk is also asymmetric in the clients should shoulder a greater share
    Iain Mowatt FCIOB

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