My Digital Life: Richard Saxon

This week on My Digital Life, Richard Saxon CBE takes his turn. During a distinguished built environment career, he was chair of BDP, worked with many industry best practice organisations including BE, which he chaired, and is now principal of Consultancy for the Built Environment and associate director at Deploi BIM Strategies, where he advises clients on using information management to their advantage. Here he highlights the importance of ISO 19650 and the Value Toolkit.

What new built environment digital innovation that you have seen really excites you?

The pending Value Toolkit could represent the realisation of a 20-year ambition to move our industry from a cost-driven one to a holistic, value-creation basis.

What single thing would help accelerate construction digital adoption?

Genuine commitment by the government to use ISO 19650 on every public project.

Who do you follow on social media about BIM and digital construction and why?

I’m only on Linkedin, regarding all purely social media as pernicious. I follow lots of BIM web sources though, with a special interest in proptech and facility management channels. Digital convergence is inevitable.

What was the last app you downloaded and why?

MyGP, to get a vaccine passport, so I’m ready when the US border opens, and I can get back to our place in Arizona.

What is the technology bane of your life?

When Microsoft 365 shuts me out, requiring tech help to restore my credibility.

Mac or PC/ IoS or Android?

The home office is a PC desktop with a big screen, plus a PC laptop, but Apple iPhone, all on the Microsoft 365 cloud.

Do you have any smart home features or other digital gadgets?

Apart from Smart TV via SkyQ, we have a Hive IoT thermostat that I can adjust from my phone and IoT-based water, gas and electricity metering. My printer orders its own supplies. The big thing is our Tesla Model S, which knows everything and is also manageable by app. Maintenance and updates down the line must be the way to go for smart buildings.

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