NBS on song with new software at Digital Construction Week

Construction technology partner NBS has developed what it claims to be the only cloud-based specification platform in the industry, which it will be demonstrating at the forthcoming Digital Construction Week on 16-17 October in London.

NBS Chorus has been specifically designed for those who need to develop high-quality building specifications efficiently, whilst working with collaborators where they are located. Using the most up-to-date specification data, NBS Chorus is said to increase the efficiency of projects whilst minimising costs and risks created by duplication and human error in offline alternatives.

It has been reported that NBS Chorus can save users up to 50% of the resource to produce a specification, compared to doing it manually – says NBS.

As well as demonstrating the new product the team is also offering expert consultancy sessions in which include a private demonstration and discussions about the key challenges which NBS Chorus can help to unlock. To reserve your one-to-one session, please register at

For further expert advice and insight from the NBS team, visitors can also drop into the BIM Village to hear from Dr Stephen Hamil. On stage on Thursday 17 October at 11.00 am, he will focus on the benefits of collaboration in a session entitled “Producing coordinated project information in a digital world”.

The audience will be taken through a series of real-life case studies and examples to illustrate best practice around information development and coordination within a collaborative process. Having worked in the industry for more than two decades, Hamil has been fundamental in developing solutions such as the National BIM Library and NBS Chorus. He also led a number of projects for the UK government’s BIM Task Group.


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