NEC launches new digital contract platform

NEC, the construction industry’s leading procurement contract suite, has announced a new digital platform to support teams throughout the construction supply chain with complex procurement and contracting routes.

Contract Horizon has been developed in response to extensive industry feedback calling for more digital flexibility, allowing users to draft, manage, edit and compile all NEC contracts online.

It offers users versatility and flexibility in procurement management, allowing contracts to be compiled, accessed and amended anywhere. It also improves visibility and transparency between all procurement partners – including clients, lead contractors and supply chain.

The Contract Horizon platform will become available to users on 31 March 2020.

Elizabeth Brookfield, head of product development at NEC, said: “As we move into a more digital world, there is an increasing expectation that our procurement process evolves. NEC is taking a step forward and leading the industry by embracing technology to add simplicity, clarity and transparency to the procurement process.

“We’ve listened carefully to our users’ feedback and have invested extensive time and resources into ensuring our digital offering suits their needs perfectly. Contract Horizon will enable the management of procurement contracts and meet the future expectations of the industry. This will greatly help procurement and project to managers procure in a more efficient and transparent way.”

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