Nemetschek subsidiary takes over German site management app developer

The Nemetschek Group, the parent company of a suite of leading brands in the engineering, construction and architecture sector, including Bluebeam, Allpan and Vectorworks, has announced that its subsidiary Nevaris is taking over a German market leader for mobile construction site management. is a fast-growing provider of time tracking, project management and construction site documentation via app platforms.

Nevaris software allows construction projects to be planned, conducted and completed in 5D, that is including the dimensions time and cost. The acquisition of will allow Nevaris to improve the capability to link office-based and site-based operations.

The 123erfasst app saves the data recorded on the construction site with GPS coordinates and assigns it to a construction phase. The software in the construction office receives the data in real time and can process it directly, making the entire process of building site documentation consistent, efficient and safe.

Through its strategic acquisition, Nevaris is aiming to expand its customer base to include small and medium-sized construction companies. Daniel Csillag, CEO of Nevaris, emphasises that “the acquisition of is a milestone in the company’s history and an important step towards a digital construction site. Our focus is on creating a first-class, end-to-end solution for our customers.

“Mobile construction site management complements our market-leading technologies for construction management tasks perfectly and seamlessly. This is unique in the market.” offers an advanced app for smartphones that allows users to send data such as time, performance, location, weather, materials, equipment usage, and photos for real-time site documentation directly to the office.

This can simplify and speed up the costing, billing and payroll for the entrepreneur. Since being founded in 2008 by contractor Jürgen Bruns and software developer Dominic Sander, the company from Lohne, Lower Saxony, Germany, has consistently grown between 60% and 80% annually and is the most widely used application in this field.

The announcement follows the acquisition by Bluebeam of the assets of privately held Project Atlas.

Founded in 2017 by construction industry veterans Todd Wynne and Joe Williams, Project Atlas created a digital mapping engine that uses geo-location instead of traditional folder structures to organise and visualise 2D plans and construction data.

This location-based orientation allows design and construction professionals to create and search a seamless digital map of their project that contains plans, people, material, site photos and drone imagery, all within highly detailed, zoomable layers.

Bluebeam CEO Jon Elliott said: “Project Atlas provides users an entirely new way to visually organise and unify location-based documents and data. This location-based methodology dramatically reduces the time it takes to find critical plans and information, empowering owners, architects, engineers, contractors and specialty contractors to access data in an immediately understandable way that will be especially beneficial in the field."

“It’s this combination of visualisation, collaboration and project documentation that our industry needs to make those last-minute decisions in the field, which are often the most critical and expensive decisions in a project,” added Project Atlas co-founder and Bluebeam VP of business development and partnerships Todd Wynne.

“By working collaboratively using a visual map of a project, customers can understand projects in a familiar context and break down the barriers that often keep information from getting to the people who need it most.”

Image: Germany’s national garden show 2015 (BUGA2015) and the “Natura 2000” concept, the “House of Rivers”, was built in the middle of the Middle Elbe Biosphere Reserve of the Hanseatic City Havelberg. Nevaris building software was used for the successful implementation of the project.

Mobile construction site management complements our market-leading technologies for construction management tasks perfectly and seamlessly. This is unique in the market.– Daniel Csillag, CEO, Nevaris

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