New digital data body makes promising start

The Association of Data-Driven Design (ADDD), the fledgling industry body for digital designers in the built environment, has met with an encouraging level of support says its founder.

Speaking to BIM+ after Digital Construction Week, where he was a presenter, Allister Lewis, head of technology at architect Ayre Chamberlain Gaunt, said: “It was really good to see how many people were interested and wanted to get involved. And it was not just architects, the interest came from across the professions.”

Allister Lewis

Lewis wants the ADDD to bring together and represent professionals with specialist digital design skills, something he says existing organisations have been slow or unable to do. He wrote in an article recently: “We feel a new association is required, not only to investigate what data-driven design looks like for the industry but also to understand and represent these new professionals.

“Existing professional organisations have struggled to keep up with changes in practice, are leading inadequately and are not supporting professionals as they make their own digital transitions.” 

By offering a forum for digital specialists in construction, Lewis hopes the ADDD can share developments and expertise through research, publications and events. Ultimately, he believes the group can develop a database of data-driven design.

Next steps include forming a steering group and inviting partnership organisations on board, including academics, to be followed by an event that may be along Pecha Kucha lines.

Anyone interested in getting involved can contact Lewis by clicking here.

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  1. I think it is great to see digital initiatives like this. the pace of change is accelerating and our old tired structures cannot respond fast enough. it is inevitable that new structures and paradigms will emerge and grow beyond the old. crack on! best J.

  2. This is a wonderful step in the right direction. One suggestion: data-driven should be applied to the whole life-cycle of a building or other facility. Data, and all that can be done with data (analyze, visualize, forecast, etc.), applies to every phase of the life and can provide value at each phase.

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