New software links product, asset and supply chain data

In response to industry demand, 6DBIM has recently created a smart Asset Information Management system which forms a link between the Asset Information Model, construction site data and the client’s CAFM system.

Its main aim is to automate population of types and components in COBie with supply chain information. It can significantly reduce the errors in data collection as the main people who are responsible for filling in the information are manufacturers themselves.

Furthermore, the system not only allows easy transfer of parameters from products to project, it also allows linking of all the required documentation, including as-installed information.

The company explains: “Three accounts on the system guarantee high quality data and speed of delivery. The manufacturer adds products with parameters and manuals. The general contractor uploads a list of assets with locations and chosen subcontractors select the products and complete as-installed information.

‘Using our system will give you peace of mind as you keep the benefit of your internal quality control rather than relying on third-party companies.’

6DBIM offers state-of-the-art validation of COBie parameters and export of the entire project. Parameters and manuals are as per BS standards in respectable folders (based on latest Uniclass 2015 codes).

Moreover, the company provides all general contractors with comprehensive import and export functionality. This option gives more flexibility and allows greater control on what is published to all relevant parties.

Excel templates are widely used and by preparing them in advance you can reuse them for any new projects. This option greatly reduces time spent on project preparation and on all basic set up.

It is worth highlighting that general contractors do not have to update model with complicated geometry families and consequently do not need to spend fortunes on modelling them. The system allows them to avoid costly and time-consuming IT hardware and enables them to use just parameters and manuals stored in cloud and linked to a model.

Nowadays companies are required to use either third-party BIM solutions or labour intensive in-house data processing. 6DBIM’s asset Information Manager system provides benefits from both of these worlds – it automates most of the data transfer whilst encouraging staff to actively take part in quality project delivery.

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