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Digital black box to help improve health and safety?

20 November 2020

A digital black box that could help improve construction’s health and safety record is in the early stages of development.

The University of Sheffield Advanced Manufacturing Research Centre (AMRC)/Pagabo team that announced its intention last week to challenge current methods in the construction industry ( has revealed further information about its plans.

Asked about the role digital technology will play in the team's work, Charley Wainwright, the Future of Construction Lead at framework provider Pagabo, said: “This is a particularly exciting part of the work we are going to carry out. Ultimately, we are looking at a digital black box for construction. Using the same ideas from the aviation industry of learning from accidents and the data surrounding it, we are looking at assessing multiple factors on a construction site via a number of new technologies that are under development. 

“With this data collected, we can learn the reasons behind and causes of accidents. The data will be available to everyone in the industry to digest, so we can better ourselves as an industry with this knowledge.

"We believe that health and safety should not be something that we compete on and therefore working together is best step forward. The collaboration with the AMRC will allow us to develop the technology behind these ideas.”

Image: 155553776 © Somporn Suebhait |