Official ‘Level 2’ website to be unveiled by British Standards Institution on 4 April

The official online home of Level 2 BIM is to be a new website hosted by the British Standards Institution that is set to go live on 4 April, the official start date of the central government BIM mandate.

[Update 4 April – the website is now available here.] 

The website will act as the official custodian and single source for all the standards and official guidance documents associated with Level 2 BIM, according to David Philp, of the government’s BIM Task Group.

This site would offer free downloads or links to all the Level 2 documents: PAS 1192-2, 3, 5 and BS 1192-4; BS 8536-1 (on Government Soft Landings); the CIC BIM Protocol, Uniclass and the NBS Toolkit.

The “static” website would only be updated if a standard changed, explained Philp, but the BSI was currently engaged in an exercise to align the various standards, so that each referred to the other in a consistent way.

But Philp, who also chairs the Scottish BIM Delivery Group, also confirmed that the UK BIM Task Group’s funding would cease in September, from which point there would be a “hand-over back to industry, with more role for the BIM4 groups and the CIOB secretariat”.

Looking back at the past five years, Philp told BIM+: “The Level 2 journey plan is complete, we’ve moved from planning and mobilisation, to implementation and embedment.

"When we look back, we now understand employers’ needs better because of EIRs, and we have better communications and cooperation. There’s less re-work, and less re-creation of data.

“And lots of processes have spun out of the BIM programme that we didn’t foresee [at the BIM Task Group] – such as the harmonisation of Product Data Templates, or the emergence of the BIM 4 groups.”

He mentioned two new groups that are in the process of forming – BIM4Heritage and BIM4Police.

After 4 April, he predicted that the BIM Task Group’s efforts would be focused on the Digital Built Britain initiative, or Level 3 BIM.

He said: “4 April is really a staging post to Level 3 BIM, which is where we can start to imagine construction as a service, where you trade upon outcomes.”

The Level 2 journey plan is complete, we’ve moved from planning and mobilisation, to implementation and embedment.– David Philp, BIM Task Group

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  1. Excellent news. A clear set of documents comprising ‘Level 2’ BIM will only ever help foster greater adoption.

  2. The Level 2 journey plan might be complete, but we all know the journey itself isn’t!

    We have a long way to go in achieving critical mass for the industry for digital working to be business as usual. Whilst there seem to be growing messages around Level 3, just getting to Level 2 seems to be being forgotten.

    Perhaps repetition of the same basic messages is seen as boring and unexciting, but it is absolutely necessary. If we don’t achieve Level 2 widespread adoption, Level 3 will remain just a vision, and only that.

    By the way don’t forget the BIM Regions (Hubs). We’re still here! Independent, impartial, and with no central funding.

  3. From the Danish construction market we are following the UK Level 2 journey closely and see this site a great method to ensure widespread adoption. Good job! Level 3 should be seen in parallel to Level 2 and not as a next step in my opinion. I have worked with some of the leading construction companies worldwide that have already successfully implemented the integrated way of working and reached a point where projects spend more time successfully eliminating risk rather than distributing risk. One approach could be taking a fully integrated step and working on an enterprise solution setup e.g. iTWO 5D.

    I look forward to seeing the site live!

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