Offsite house built in 5 days

Building products supplier SIG Offsite has teamed up with aircrete producer H+H UK to launch a new system which can build homes in just five days. 

The SIG I-House combines all the speed of offsite construction with the familiarity of a traditional build and encompasses the inner leaves of external cavity walls, floors, lintel, cavity closers, insulation and roof trusses.

With the inclusion of soffit and fascia, the system delivers the internal skin of a property, fully wrapped and ready for follow-on trades.

It is a one-stop-shop for clients as only a single contractor required to deliver the whole house shell.

It is intended for the construction of domestic houses of up to two storeys, replacing the structure of the inner leaf of external cavity walls, separating walls and internal partitions with storey height Celcon Elements.

Installed by the SIG Offsite team, Celcon Elements are craned into place and fixed using H+H element mortar.

Timber I-Joist cassette floors are used in conjunction with the system to maintain the speed of build and roofs are either standard truss construction or the “Roofspace I-Roof” panellised roof system.

H+H says that Celcon Elements are manufactured from the same material as aircrete blocks and have the same performance, including reduced heat loss at thermal bridges.

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