Ogun launches cloud-based platform for construction sites

Ogun Construction Technologies, a Barcelona-based software developer, has launched a platform which connects construction companies and suppliers for all-in-one project management and material orders.

The cloud-based platform is designed to allow construction site managers to manage their planning, suppliers, files and discussions. Similarly, suppliers can manage their catalogues, orders and deliveries.

Benjamin Morris, chief operating officer at Ogun, said: “Every year, the global construction industry wastes $1.6 trillion in productivity losses. We strongly believe that communication, transparency and integration are the keys to unlocking this issue.”

John Collins, managing director at BRC, the largest rebar supplier in the UK, said: “With Ogun, we are able to provide system-to-system integration with every single one of our customers’ projects. Edits can be made to schedules and call-offs within Ogun, sending orders directly into our system. This eliminates the PDF schedules and back-and-forth email chains that create mistakes. No other system we’ve tried allows us to provide this connection to our customers.”

Construction companies can manage projects through a user-friendly, Gantt-style chart, uploading their programme from any of the leading project management tools. Suppliers can upload their products to an online catalogue to promote sales.

“Ogun was created as the solution to a problem we witnessed within the construction industry,” said Ignasi Salvador, CEO of Ogun. “We talked to hundreds of construction companies and suppliers with the same pain points. Ogun is a user-first digital solution, so we developed a platform that helps our users manage their projects and suppliers in one place. Ogun enhances site visibility for all.”

Ogun is now available in English and Spanish versions. It is 100% web-based with no downloads required. For a free trial, go to

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