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Optimising information workflows with Atvero’s document and drawing management capabilities

Across the lifecycle of any project, AEC professionals usually produce immense volumes of documents and drawings by nature. Given the large workloads, it is critical for AEC firms to adopt best practices in storing, managing, and collaborating on deliverables to ensure successful delivery of projects.

Whether it is briefs, sketches, blueprints or disputes, all project-related documents are highly sensitive assets that need to be stored in a secure environment. This is to ensure they are never at risk of being misplaced, damaged, or stolen. In addition, since most AEC projects span over months-long periods, it is essential that project team members are able to quickly retrieve information whenever required to stay on track with timelines.

When working on project documents, many AEC professionals are affected by disrupted collaboration. Predominantly, if project team members cannot access current document versions, save files in inconsistent locations, keep duplicate copies of records, or fail to locate correct revisions for issuing, collaboration will become disconnected, exposing projects to information errors that lead to potential risks in delivery.

For AEC practices of all sizes, the key to gaining profitability is to work more billable hours. However, balancing professional tasks and administrative duties can be challenging, especially when there are tight deadlines. It is laborious to always manually keep an eye on where files are located, whether documents and drawings are named correctly, or which revision has been sent to who, while delivering clients’ requirements.

Atvero provides an intelligent cloud-based document and drawing management solution that helps AEC professionals streamline information workflows to improve productivity and enhancing project quality. Built on Microsoft 365, Atvero offers a single consolidated SharePoint-based platform to store and surface all project information. Project teams can flexibly and securely work on projects on the cloud anytime, anywhere and across any device, with their data protected by Microsoft.

In Atvero, all file names are enriched with metadata that adhere to ISO 19650 standard or companies’ custom naming conventions. File names are also automatically validated to ensure their uniqueness in the system, thus avoiding duplication. With Atvero’s powerful metadata-driven searching and filtering, instead of having to access project data through complicated folder structures, team members can rapidly retrieve accurate and up-to-date information at any point during a project.

Atvero’s automated revisioning allows project teams to seamlessly access full version history of records. Therefore, team members can easily locate the current revisions to work on, ensuring continuity in collaboration. During issuing, to eliminate traditional errors, Atvero always selects the latest revision by default to issue. After transmittals, project issue register will be automatically updated with full audit trails of issued information.

Talking about the value of Atvero for his business, Toby Adam, Director of Gaunt Francis Architects, said: “We were asked for a current set of architectural and engineering drawings; it would have taken me ages to pull these drawings together before, but with Atvero this takes me 30 seconds. Information management can feel like a war of attrition; Atvero helps win the battle.”

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