Pagabo completes successful trial of wellness monitoring tech

National framework provider Pagabo has concluded a successful trial of a mental health monitoring device with nearly 400 volunteers.

Pagabo tested Moodbeam’s wearable wellness monitoring device with volunteers from 13 businesses, including Kajima Partnerships, Pick Everard, and Faithful+Gould

The Moodbeam wristband featured two buttons: yellow for the user to press when feeling good, and blue for when they weren’t feeling good.

Organisations were able to visualise this data and see how their teams and individuals were feeling, with a view to being able to identify where changes could be made, or additional support provided to improve more positive wellbeing at work.

Upon conclusion of the trial, more than half of the participants believe Moodbeam’s initiative should be introduced across the industry.

Developer Kajima Partnerships had 20 volunteers take part in the test. Kajima project director Richard Coe said: “The concept and simplicity of Moodbeam really appealed to us, along with the ability to stay in touch with how staff were feeling – and we found the trials really illuminating. We had volunteers sitting across several departments, so it was interesting to see how different departments were under different pressures at different times.

“Not being in the office, we didn’t have the usual visual clues on how our people were feeling. Moodbeam really helped to alleviate this, and if anyone was consistently pushing blue, we were able to check in, find out why and mobilise solutions.”

‘Moodbeam can be seen as PPE for mental wellbeing.’

Charley Wainwright, Pagabo

Charley Wainwright, future of construction lead at Pagabo, said: “Mental wellbeing is a complicated issue. Much like a hard hat will not stop you from cutting your hand, there needs to be a network of safety nets and personal protective equipment (PPE) to help protect workers – and Moodbeam can be seen as PPE for mental wellbeing.”

As the test concluded, Moodbeam developed a direct-entry mobile app. The new app features yellow and blue buttons to mirror the wristband used in the test, with a revamped dashboard giving organisations more insight into how their people are feeling across teams, departments and locations.

Pagabo and Moodbeam will continue to work in partnership.

Simon Toplass, group chief commercial officer at Pagabo’s parent The 55 Group, added: “As the materials shortage and skills gaps continue to worsen, the pressure put onto contractors, developers and consultants will continue to grow as timescales and budgets tighten. The race to the bottom is still unfortunately very much on, and with this comes uncertainty and stress – and this is all against the backdrop of anything someone may be dealing with in their personal life, and uncertainty around what the winter months will bring.

“Moodbeam is an effective tool for understanding the pressures on our people – and how they vary across businesses, teams and individual people. Earlier intervention is the key to tackling these wellbeing issues at or because of work, and we look forward to continuing our work to drive this attitude shift across the sector. The new, more discreet option of Moodbeam’s direct-entry app is something that we hope will drive further uptake within the industry, leading to more a happier and healthier workforce.”

Moodbeam co-founder Christina Colmer McHugh said: “The pandemic changed everything when it came to how, where and why we work, and we have adapted our offering in line with that and feedback from users to ensure Moodbeam provides businesses with the best tool possible to add to their approach to staff wellbeing.

“With the worsening statistics around mental wellbeing in the construction industry, we’re really pleased to hear the feedback from the initial trials and to continue our working relationship with Pagabo to make a difference to those working in the sector.”

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