PlanRadar project management software launches in UK

A new SaaS application for construction and real estate projects has launched in the UK.

PlanRadar provides the construction industry with digital documentation, defect and task management throughout the lifecycle of projects.

Using a smartphone or tablet, even when offline, the platform allows construction workers to automate the entire documentation process with interactive blueprints and floorplans, averting errors and saving an average of seven working hours a week in administration time.

More than 3,500 customers already use PlanRadar worldwide to manage construction projects and real estate processes.

“We will not let Brexit get in the way of our mission to digitise the construction and real estate industry in the UK,” explained Ibrahim Imam, managing director and co-founder of PlanRadar.

“Risks around bottlenecks in the supply of construction materials and tradespeople can be mitigated with platforms like PlanRadar; digitised processes can raise their efficiency potential against the competition, improve quality control and deliver 900% ROI.”

In the last 12 months, PlanRadar has increased sales by 300% and expanded its workforce to 57 employees. Imam added: “As part of this European growth, PlanRadar is boosting its board with industry heavyweight Colin Smith, founder of the ConTech pioneer BIW Technologies.

Smith said: “PlanRadar has developed an intuitive platform that has revolutionised how Europe manages the documentation and communication process of the asset lifecycle – now it’s time for the UK to benefit.

“I’m really looking forward to seeing the impact this platform is going to have on the UK’s construction sector and the difference it will make.”

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  1. This is music to my ears. The app like many others before it will help change the adversary nature of the construction sector by improving collaboration among construction workers.

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