PlanRadar releases tool to customise reports

PlanRadar, an SaaS app for digitalising documentation, has created a new tool for customising reports.

It allows users to populate reports automatically with data that they collect while working, and streamlines the task of reporting to colleagues and supply chain partners.

PlanRadar says construction professionals can use its report templates to create construction site diaries, snag reports, health and safety audit reports and more with the touch of a button. By customising sample templates to individual requirements, Word or Excel reports can be communicated with ease, allowing consistent reporting from all subcontractors and project team members.

The app allows users to reproduce regulatory or organisation standard templates by copying Word or Excel report fields, covering such issues as number of workers on site and weather conditions.

PlanRadar believes the app will cut information loss during the snagging process and ensure all subcontractors and team members report to the same standards.

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