Point cloud data conversion software integrated with Autodesk BIM 360

A software provider that converts laser scan data, known as point clouds, into 3D models, has announced its integration with Autodesk’s BIM 360 project delivery platform.

Pointfuse has pioneered new techniques to rapidly process point cloud datasets into intelligent and easy-to-handle mesh models, allowing “as-built” models to be easily incorporated into BIM workflows managed with Autodesk BIM 360.  

“Digital Construction is about supplementing existing workflow practices in an online collaborative environment,” said Jon Boyce, CEO of Pointfuse. “Collaborative design is well established as a deliverable in digital construction. As a leading provider of robust design and construction software, Autodesk is the natural partner for us to introduce this exciting development in reality capture to achieve 4D BIM.”

“The integration of Pointfuse with BIM 360 bridges the gap between the physical and digital worlds, and allows a far more connected and efficient construction process,” said Sarah Hodges, senior director, construction business strategy and marketing at Autodesk.

Democratisation of data from job sites has been a process of box ticking and photography which is traditionally a manual and cumbersome process. The data compiled is considered to be of low value and rarely adopted in a complete work flow process. 

New rapid scanning technology offers the potential to change this, but the resulting point cloud is difficult to interpret by the untrained eye.  Its use in a browser-based collaborative environment is also compromised by the large data file sizes.

Pointfuse addresses this with software that creates relatively small but accurate and intelligent models that are manageable within a cloud environment.  

“When reality capture data is exported to BIM 360, Pointfuse models allow easy comparison to the original design at each stage of the building process and puts all the project data into a single platform, breaking down silos that currently exist among various technologies,” added Hodges.

4D BIM is a way of live-tracking project progress so stakeholders can view the current status and collaborate online using the BIM 360 platform.

The latest scheduling and updated costings, changes and identification of potential clashes all require timely and accurate “as built” data as an integral part of the process. 

“Crucially, Pointfuse as built models will help with the avoidance of design clashes. This is important since, industry-wide, it is estimated that each identified clash could save up to $15,000 on a large-scale project,” commented Boyce.

Pointfuse is available as a download from the Autodesk App store as a full integration with BIM 360.

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