Procore prepares voice-enabled data input technology

Procore Quick Capture in action.

Procore is to launch voice-enabled data input technology next year.

Procore Quick Capture, as the technology is known, is integrated with Procore’s Punch tool, and allows users to capture a video of snagging items and “simply talk to Procore”. Through AI and machine learning, the technology creates the item, attaches a photo, and assigns it to the appropriate trade.

Procore said early testing had shown that the technology can reduce the time required to capture and log information in the field for reporting by at least 50%. 

Procore has announced Quick Capture ahead of its annual conference, Groundbreak, on 12-14 October.

Procore has also revealed that it will pilot Conversations, a contextual messaging service, in the next three months. Conversations are organised, prioritised, and accessed on mobile and web. Critical updates, questions, and discussions “will happen seamlessly across the office and field”, and are contextual to the item being discussed, such as a request for information (RFI), change order or observation. 

Also in Q4, Procore will launch a workflow organiser mobile app that prioritises daily work, with quick access to check progress, change status or create new items – RFIs, observations or snags.

“For the last 18 months, we met with customers and challenged ourselves to rethink how we innovate and improve the lives of everyone in construction,” said Wyatt Jenkins, senior vice-president of product at Procore. “We are building solutions that connect the field and the office across mobile, leveraging AI, voice commands and messaging with Procore Conversations.”

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