Rapid BIM growth revealed by Glenigan KPI report

BIM usage doubled in the industry between 2012 and 2013, being instrumental in 4% of projects completed in 2012 but 9% last year, according to the compendium of data on the industry in the latest UK Industry Performance Report.

The KPI report, by construction information specialist Glenigan in partnership with the CITB, has been compiled annually using data from Constructing Excellence’s key performance indicators since 1999, although the 2013 report was omitted from the sequence.

The KPIs reveal trends on a host of issues, including the percentage of projects finishing on time, to budget, and to client expectations; estimates of industry profitability and productivity, data on carbon emissions in buildings and on site; and a snapshot of the industry workforce.

Among the findings, and contrasting with the BIM results, there was a dip in client’s satisfaction on the provision of information on projects, from 73% in 2012 to 69%.

Alan Wilen, economics director of Glenigan, said: “For the first time, the survey asked whether BIM was being used on a project, and found it being implemented on a small but rapidly growing proportion of projects. This rapid growth in BIM usage has the potential to lift this KPI in future surveys, as well as a host of other measures, including those covering client satisfaction, project predictability and environmental performance.”

The industry’s performance on delivering to scheduled dates still shows substantial room for improvement: just 45% of projects were said to be on time or better, although this has risen from the 34% recorded in 2012. In addition, the slippage in construction programmes itself is less severe, and improving: 67% were said to be on time or better, compared to 42% in 2012.

Despite the problems of delivering projects as building cost inflation took hold in 2012-13, the industry’s record on completing projects to budget slightly improved in the latest report, when 69% were completed at or below the predicted cost, compared to 61% in 2012.

But contractors’ median margins, before interest and tax, fell to 2.1% in 2014, compared to 2.7% in 2012 and a record of 9.9% in 2009.

Client satisfaction with buildings and the industry’s service were fairly stable between the 2012 report and this year’s, but there was a dip in satisfaction with value for money, standing at 75% (scoring their experience at 8/10 or better) compared to 78% in 2012.

However, there was better news on productivity, which has seen a sustained improvement throughout the recession years – as companies built out projects while shedding staff – and in the recovery. Adjusted for inflation, the median value added per employee was £61,400 in 2014, compared to £60,000 in 2012, £45,400 in 2009 and a low of £39,800 in 2001.

Glenigan gathered the data by sending a questionnaire to the client, main contractor and principal consultant on every project it recorded as completed in 2012/13.

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